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Oyu Tolgoi-02/Southern Gobi


Community health and safety

Description: Complaint raises concerns related to public health and safety including incidents of or an increase in accidents, release of hazardous materials, and spread of diseases. Concerns related to retaliation and/or violence are not included.

Complaints with this Issue: 330

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Cultural heritage

Description: Complaint raises concerns about impacts on any type of tangible or intangible cultural heritage, including significant sites, unique environmental features, cultural knowledge, and traditional lifestyles.

Complaints with this Issue: 114

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Human rights

Description: Complaint frames concerns using the language of human rights violations.

Complaints with this Issue: 63

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Indigenous peoples

Description: Complaint raises concerns about impacts on indigenous or traditional communities.

Complaints with this Issue: 86

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Description: Complaint raises concerns about impacts on the means by which people make a living, including wage-based income, trade and bartering, agriculture, fishing, foraging, and other natural-resource based means.

Complaints with this Issue: 312

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Description: Complaint raises concerns about releases of pollutants related to the project, including hazardous or non-hazardous chemicals, minerals, metals, pathogens, odors, noise, vibration, radiation, light, and heat.

Complaints with this Issue: 218

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Description: Complaint raises concerns about access to or availability of water. Concerns related to water pollution are not included.

Complaints with this Issue: 185

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Extractives (oil, gas, mining)

Description: Project relates to the extractive industries, including oil, gas, and mining. Examples may include mines, drilling operations, pipelines, and the associated legal frameworks.

Complaints in this Sector: 199

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Name: Oyu Tolgoi-02/Southern Gobi

Investments: IFC 29007


Support: Loans, Risk Guarantee

Country: Mongolia


IAM: Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO)

ID: 196

Date Filed: Feb. 11, 2013

Date Closed: May 31, 2020

Status: Closed With Outputs


Accountability Counsel works with Oyu Tolgoi Watch (“OT Watch”) and several international partners to support some of the world’s last remaining nomadic herder communities, living in the South Gobi region of Mongolia. We have assisted communities to raise complaints about large-scale mining ventures affecting their water resources and endangering their livelihoods, specifically the Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine (“OT Project”) and the Ukhaa Khudag coal mine.

The OT Project has faced fierce community resistance in Mongolia for years. One of the biggest concerns is the amount of water, a scarce and valuable resource in the South Gobi desert, that the Project will require. Traditional nomadic herders, who have lived in the region for centuries, have already experienced problems with wells going dry. Additionally, the infrastructure and construction related to the Project is degrading and fragmenting herders’ traditional pastures, forcing some of them to abandon their herding lifestyles. Several herders have already experienced devastating herd loss and other impacts after being forced to resettle because of the OT Project. Furthermore, herders complaint that the company forced them to sign unfair contracts in violation of their rights. They have found the company largely unresponsive to their concerns.

The $13.2 billion OT Project, operated by Rio Tinto, is the largest foreign investment in Mongolia. Despite the OT Project’s numerous problems, the project is supported by the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) and Multilateral Insurance Guarantee Agency (“MIGA”), as well as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”). The Netherlands Development Finance Company (“FMO”), U.S. Export-Import Bank, Export Development Canada and the Australian Export Finance and Insurance Corporation have also committed financing for the project.

Accountability Counsel has supported two complaints to the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, the accountability office for the IFC and MIGA, raising concerns about the OT Project’s impacts on local water resources and about the adequacy of resettlement and compensation packages. The CAO has convened a dialogue process to assist the herders to reach an agreement with the project company on these issues. The dialogue process is ongoing and has resulted in the establishment of a Tripartite Council, with herder representatives meeting with local government and company representatives on a monthly bases to work towards resolution of the CAO complaints and future community grievances related to the project.

The Ukhaa Khudag coal mine is located on a section of the world’s largest untapped coking coal and thermal coal deposits, the Tavan Tolgoi. The mine is operated by a Mongolian company, Energy Resources LLC, and is commonly referred to as the “Energy Resources Mine.” Most of its coal product is shipped over land to the Chinese boarder, which has led to the gradual development of a sprawling web of mining roads, ranging from paved roads to informal dirt roads intersecting each other and multiplying by the day. These roads and other project infrastructure have led to severe fragmentation of herders’ pastures, excessive dust and unsafe road conditions which in turn have resulted in fatal traffic accidents and other concerns over herder and animal health. The Energy Resources Mine has received financing from the EBRD.

In 2013, local herders filed a series of complaints to the EBRD’s Project Complaint Mechanism (“PCM”) raising concerns about pasture fragmentation, dust, and other impacts from the growing network of roads and infrastructure associated with both the OT Project and Energy Resources Mine. Accountability Counsel has supported herders throughout the complaint process and a compliance audit is currently underway to investigate allegations of EBRD policy violations.

Complaint Stages


Feb. 11, 2013



Start Date: Feb. 11, 2013


Not Undertaken


Status: Not Undertaken

Start Date: None


Feb. 11, 2013 -

Feb. 28, 2013


Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: Feb. 11, 2013

End Date: Feb. 28, 2013

Dispute Resolution

July 1, 2013 -

May 1, 2017

Dispute Resolution

Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: July 1, 2013

End Date: May 1, 2017

Compliance Review

Not Undertaken

Compliance Review

Status: Not Undertaken

Explanation: Case closed in earlier stage, Complaint settled in Dispute Resolution so Compliance Review not offered

Has Compliance Report: No

Non-Compliance Found: No


May 1, 2017 -

May 31, 2020


Status: In Progress

Start Date: May 1, 2017

End Date: May 31, 2020


May 31, 2020



Name Category Description
English Filing English
CAO Assessment Report - English Eligibility CAO Assessment Report - English
English Agreement English
CAO Communique - Mongolia OT Closure - March 2019 - English Closing Report CAO Communique - Mongolia OT Closure - March 2019 - English
2014-15 EHT-OT Joint Work Report - English Agreement 2014-2015_JointWorkReport_ENG_000.pdf
2014-15 EHT-OT Joint Work Report - Mongolian Agreement 2014-2015JointWorkReport_MON_000.pdf
2015 Khanbogd Tripartite Council Report - English Agreement 2015TPCReport_ENG_000.pdf
2015 Khanbogd Tripartite Council Report - Mongolian Agreement 2015TPCReport_MON_000.pdf
CAO Assessment Report - Mongolian Eligibility OT-2_Assessment_Report_MON.pdf
CAO Communique - Mongolia OT Closure - March 2019 - Mongolian Closing Report CAOCommunique_MongoliaOTClosure_March2019_MON_000.pdf
Colombia trip public information - English Agreement June2017_Colombiatrippublicinformation_ENG_000.pdf
Colombia trip public information - Mongolian Agreement June2017_Colombiatrippublicinformation_MON_000.pdf
Complaint Resolution Agreement #1 Agreement
Complaint Resolution Agreement - May 2017 - English Agreement OT2_ComplaintResolutionAgreement2_ENG.pdf
Complaint Resolution Agreement - May 2017 - Mongolian Agreement OT2_ComplaintResolutionAgreement2_MON.pdf
English Agreement English
IAM Assessment Report Filing
IEP Executive Summary - Eng Jan_30_2015 Agreement ExecutiveSummary_edit_Jan_30_2015-ENG.pdf
IEP Executive Summary - Mon Jan_30_2015 Agreement MON_ExecutiveSummary_edit_Jan30_2015.pdf
IEP Recommendations to Stakeholders_Eng Agreement RecommendationstoStakeholders_edit_Jan_11_2015-Eng.pdf
IEP Recommendations to Stakeholders_Mon Agreement MON_RecommendationstoStakeholders_edit_Jan11_2015.pdf
IFC MIGA Response Eligibility IFCMIGACAOResponseonOT7.30.13.pdf
IFC Response Management Response
Joint Statement - August 2014 - English Agreement JointStatement_Aug-2014_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - August 2014 - Mongolian Agreement JointStatement_Aug-2014_MON_000.pdf
Joint Statement - December 2015 English Agreement 2015-12-25TPCJOINTSTATEMENTeng_000.pdf
Joint Statement - December 2015 Mongolian Agreement 2015-12-25TPCJOINTSTATEMENTmon_000.pdf
Joint Statement - February 2015 - English Agreement JointStatement_5Feb2015_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - February 2017 - English Agreement JointStatement_Feb15-162017_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - February 2017 - Mongolian Agreement JointStatement_Feb15-162017_MON_000.pdf
Joint Statement - July 2015 English Agreement 1July2015-TPCStatement_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - July 2015 Mongolian Agreement JointStatement_MON_July2015_000.pdf
Joint Statement - June 2015 - English Agreement JointStatement_ENG_June2015_000.pdf
Joint Statement - June 2015 - Mongolian Agreement JointStatement_MON_June2015_000.pdf
Joint Statement - March 2015- English Agreement March2015JointStatementENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - March 2015 - Mongolian Agreement March2015JointStatementMON_000.pdf
Joint Statement - March 2017 - English Agreement JointStatementMarch2017_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - March 2017 Mongolian Agreement JointStatementMarch2017_MON_000.pdf
Joint Statement - May 2017 - English Agreement JointStatement_May8-92017_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - May 2017 - Mongolian Agreement Jointstatement_May8-92017_MON_000.pdf
Joint Statement - September 2014 - English Agreement JointNewsrelease_Sep30_2014_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - September 2014 - Mongolian Agreement JointNewsrelease_Sep30_2014_MON_000.pdf
Joint Statement - September 2015 - English Agreement JointStatement_Sep24_2015_ENG_000.pdf
Joint Statement - September 2015 - Mongolian Agreement JointStatement_Sep24_2015_MON_000.pdf
MDT/IEP Final Report - January 2017 - English Agreement MDTIEP_FINALREPORT_ENG_January292017_001.pdf
MDT/IEP Final Report - January 2017 - Mongolian Agreement MDTIEP_FINALREPORT_MON_January292017_001.pdf
Mongolian Agreement FINAL_IEPWorkPlanandMethodology_MON.pdf
Mongolian Agreement FINALMON_ToRfor_UndaiRiverDiversionComplaint_CAO_IEP.pdf
TPC Greetings on Local Newsletter - English Agreement June2017_TPCGreetingsonLocalNewsletter_ENG_000.pdf
TPC Greetings on Local Newsletter - Mongolian Agreement June2017_TPCGreetingsonLocalNewsletter_MON_000.pdf
TPC Joint Statement_July 19, 2017 - English Agreement July192017_TPCJointStatement_ENG_000.pdf
TPC Joint Statement_July 19, 2017 - Mongolian Agreement July192017_TPCJointStatement_MON_000.pdf
TPC Joint Statement_November 27, 2017 - English Agreement JointStatement_Nov27_2017_ENG_000.pdf
TPC Joint Statement_November 27, 2017 - Mongolian Agreement JointStatement_Nov27_2017_MON_000.pdf


Type Category Description Status
Agriculture Livelihoods Pasture Access and Use Planned
Agriculture Livelihoods Animal Health Center Planned
Agriculture Livelihoods Livestock Breeding Projects Planned
Agriculture Livelihoods Agricultural Product Production Planned
Apology Satisfaction Undai Diversion Accomplished
Apology Satisfaction Formal Acknowledgement with Resettlement Problems Accomplished
Capacity Building Social Support Traditional Livestock Breeding Practices Accomplished
Capacity Building Social Support Support Local Government on Pasture Management In Progress
Capacity Building Social Support Livestock Production Training and Skills Planned
Capacity Building Social Support Life Skills Training Program Planned
Capacity Building Social Support Sustainable Livelihoods Program In Progress
Cash Compensation Compensation Claims In Progress
Community Development Fund Social Support Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund In Progress
Consultation (non-FPIC) Consultation OT Communication Staff In Progress
Education Social Support Tuition Scholarships Accomplished
Employment Opportunities Livelihoods Training Program Accomplished
Environmental Remediation Environment Gobi Grove Tree Planting Accomplished
Environmental Studies Environment Hydrogeological Study Planned
Infrastructure Social Support Cell Signal Planned
Infrastructure Social Support Upgrade Roads Planned
Microfinance Social Support Microfinance for SME Business Accomplished
Monitoring Project Impacts Monitoring OT and Local Monitoring In Progress
Monitoring Remedies Monitoring OT Monitoring In Progress
Other Other Cancel Confidentiality Clauses Accomplished
Other Livelihoods Livelihoods Projects for Increased Income Stream Planned
Other Project Changes Project Changes Re-design of Undai Diversion In Progress
Other Social Support Social Support Additional Actions for Households In Progress
Project-Level Grievance Mechanism Grievance Mechanism Traditional Conflict Resolution for Water and Pasture Use Planned
Project-Level Grievance Mechanism Grievance Mechanism Establish Compensation Claims Committee Accomplished
Project-Level Grievance Mechanism Grievance Mechanism Improve Formal Grievance Mechanism Accomplished
Rights Recognition Rights Recognition Customary Land Rights In Progress
Studies (not environmental) Consultation Livestock Analysis In Progress
Studies (not environmental) Consultation Technical Review of Tailings Storage Planned
Water Social Support Borehole Access and Maintenance Accomplished
Water Social Support Water Use Fee Planned
Water Social Support Well Construction and Maintenance In Progress
Water Social Support Artificial Pond for Water Source Accomplished