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Important — Nov. 14, 2019

You may notice areas in the Console where despite international investment reaching local areas, there is an absence or small number of complaints in a given region. This does not necessarily mean there are no environmental or social grievances around investments in these areas. Rather, our experience shows that investment without associated complaints may indicate factors such as:

— lack of project information getting to local people,

— little or no support from civil society groups to help people learn about and use IAMs, and

— active repression of dissent by either government or corporate entities, or both.

The absence of complaints may indicate the need for greater proactive attention to the social and environmental risks of international investments than in areas where people are freely using their voices and are being heard.

Additionally, the failure of a complaint to reach a substantive stage does not necessarily indicate that a community grievance lacks merit. A number of factors may determine the outcome of any given complaint process.

Information in the Accountability Console exists to ensure that the rights of local people are protected and respected.

In accordance with the Terms of Use, Accountability Console users must attest that they will do no harm with the information obtained in the database.