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Pricing Information

Updated as of September 21, 2021

Free and Unlimited Access to Basic Data

Information on individual complaints, including countries, projects, filers, sectors, issues raised, invesment types, and documents are freely and openly available for all users regardless of registration status. All users can also access information on accountability offices and filter complaints by office.

Registered Accounts

Registered account holders gain access to a host of additional features, including the following:

Register up to 3 user accounts, with an additional 7 at a discounted rate.

Get detailed complaint filtering

Analyze and compare complaint data

Analyze and compare policies governing IAMs

Produce IAM policy comparison reports

Receive updates on your selected complaints and customized searches

In order to register an Account, you may request a fee waiver during the registration process if you are a public interest user on a limited budget, and if not, you will be asked to pay a sliding scale fee. For more information on the additional features of a registered account, please see our plans page.

Public Interest Users on Limited Budgets — Fee Waivers Available

For public interest users on limited budgets, registration allows you to request a fee waiver so that all features of the Console are free to access. Upon requesting a fee waiver, our team will respond as soon as possible.

Other Users — Sliding Scale Subscription Fees

For all other users, fees are based on a sliding scale based on the size of the user’s operating budget, and subscriptions are available by month or year as follows:

Operating Budget Monthly Plan Annual Plan
<$1 million $100 $1,000
$1 to $10 million $500 $5,000
+$10 million $1,000 $10,000

Each registered account includes three users, with the option of adding up to seven additional users at 10 percent of the purchase price each (prorated).

Why Charge Fees?

Accountability Counsel is a non-profit organization committed to the sustainable maintenance and development of the Accountability Console over the long term. To date, we have funded the multiple years of development of the Console through philanthropic core support. However, we are requesting that those in a position to pay for their use of the Console do so to ensure access for local communities, to keep it functioning as a live tool, and to support our work to add functionality over time.

Cancellation and Refunds

Registered account holders can cancel their accounts or turn off automatic billing at any time from their settings page, or by contacting us. To request a refund for a previously processed payment, please contact us.

How is Revenue Handled?

Revenue generated through user fees enters a dedicated account that is then transferred in a lump sum on a monthly basis into Accountability Counsel’s general operating fund. We review revenue to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest in accordance with Accountability Counsel’s Gift and Revenue Acceptance Policy.

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