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Flood Protection Measures



Description: Complaint raises concerns about impacts on plant or animal species in the natural environment.

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Due diligence

Description: Complaint raises concerns about inadequate or absent prior investigation of project impacts.

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Description: Complaint raises concerns regarding environmental impacts that do not refer specifically to water, pollution, or biodiversity.

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Description: Project relates to construction or improvement of large structures, facilities, or public works projects. Examples include roads and other transportation projects, sanitation and water treatment facilities, power plants, and industrial facilities.

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Name: Flood Protection Measures

Investments: EIB



Country: Greece


IAM: Complaints Mechanism (CM)

ID: SG/E/2021/17

Date Filed: Sept. 21, 2021

Date Closed: May 17, 2023

Status: Closed With Outputs


The Complaints Mechanism (EIB-CM) registered three complaints between July and September 2021 (SG/E/2021/12, SG/E/2021/15 and SG/E/2021/17) regarding a component of the “Flood protection measures” project in the catchment area of the Erasinos stream (hereinafter “the Erasinos sub-project”). The project co-financed by the EIB is located in the Attica region of Greece. In December 2021, the EIB-CM issued one initial assessment report for all three cases given major overlap in the allegations made by the complainants. The report established the following allegations: 1. Non-compliance of the Erasinos sub-project with national law: failure to correctly classify the protected areas concerned, failure to comply with the provisions of national law, failure to assess the impacts on an endemic and protected species of fish, and financial compensation for resettlement and start of works before the necessary documentation was obtained. 2. Non-compliance of the Erasinos sub-project with EU law: mainly the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, the Habitats Directive, the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive. 3. Failure of the EIB to adequately assess the sub-project and comply with the EIB’s environmental and social standards and other commitments in the area of environment.

Complaint Stages


Sept. 21, 2021



Start Date: Sept. 21, 2021


Sept. 21, 2021 -

Sept. 23, 2021


Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: Sept. 21, 2021

End Date: Sept. 23, 2021


Sept. 23, 2021 -

Dec. 14, 2021


Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: Sept. 23, 2021

End Date: Dec. 14, 2021

Dispute Resolution

Not Undertaken

Dispute Resolution

Status: Not Undertaken

Explanation: Not offered by mechanism, Dispute resolution was not an option in this case

Compliance Review

Dec. 14, 2021 -

May 16, 2023

Compliance Review

Status: In Progress

Start Date: Dec. 14, 2021

End Date: May 16, 2023

Has Compliance Report: Yes

Non-Compliance Found: Yes


Closed With Output


Status: Closed With Output

Explanation: Complaint not yet reached stage, Compliance Review in progress


May 17, 2023



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