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Office of Accountability

Overseas Private Investment Corporation


Mechanism: Office of Accountability

Acronym: OA

Year Founded: 2005

Year Reviewed: 2012-2013

Website: Link

Registry: Link

Total Complaints: 16

Active Complaints: 0

OPIC, established in 1971, is an agency of the United States Government. While it is not technically an “export credit agency,” OPIC provides financing and insurance to U.S. businesses in their investments abroad and works to promote U.S. foreign policy through its private-sector support programs.

OPIC’s Office of Accountability was established to provide an independent forum where people affected by OPIC projects can voice and resolve complaints and to help assure that OPIC complies with its social and environment policies. The Office of Accountability has two functions:

Problem-Solving: for resolving complaints from local communities, with or without allegations of non-compliance by OPIC, through a process that may include independent fact-finding, dialogue facilitation or mediation; and

Compliance Review: for assessing and reporting on OPIC’s compliance with its policies related to environmental and0 social impacts, including worker rights and human rights.

The Office of Accountability updated its operational guidelines for problem-solving and compliance review in April 2014.


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