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Project Country Bank Complaints
AES Sonel - Electricity Supply Cameroon European Investment Bank 1
AES Sonel-02/Doula Cameroon IFC/MIGA 1
Africa Investco-01 Mauritius IFC/MIGA 1
Ambuklao-Binga Hydroelectric Power-01/Binga Philippines IFC/MIGA 1
Assan Aluminyum-01/Dilovasi Turkey IFC/MIGA 1
Avianca-01/Colombia Colombia IFC/MIGA 1
Azure-01 China IFC/MIGA , IFC/MIGA 35
Bank Alfalah-01/Saddar Karachi Pakistan IFC/MIGA 1
Bilt Paper B.V. Malaysia IFC/MIGA 2
Buchanan Renewables Biomass Liberia Overseas Private Investment Corporation 4
Bujagali Energy Ltd Uganda IFC/MIGA , IFC/MIGA , European Investment Bank , African Development Bank 114
Cairo Metro Line 3 Egypt European Investment Bank 7
Chad-Cameroon Pipeline-02/Cameroon Cameroon IFC/MIGA 1
Etileno XXI Mexico Inter-American Development Bank 2
Excellon Resources: La Platosa mine project (2011-01-MEX) Mexico Canadian Office of the Extractive Sector 1
First Quantum Minerals: Mauritania Copper Mines ("MCM") Project (2011-02-MAU) Mauritania Canadian Office of the Extractive Sector 1
Harmon Hall Mexico IFC/MIGA 64
Ingenio Montelimar-01/Montelimar Environs Nicaragua IFC/MIGA 1
Institutional Reform Development Policy Financing Yemen World Bank 1
Jute Sector Adjustment Credit Project Bangladesh World Bank 1
KEK-01/Prishtina Kosovo IFC/MIGA 1
Kosovo Power Project (Proposed) Kosovo World Bank 1
Lonmin-01/Vice President request South Africa IFC/MIGA 1
Lonmin-02/Marikana South Africa IFC/MIGA 1
Maple Energy-01/Nuevo Sucre and Canaan Peru IFC/MIGA 1
Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited-01/Leon and Chinandega Nicaragua IFC/MIGA 1
Niger Delta Contractor Revolving Credit Facility-01/Niger Delta Nigeria IFC/MIGA 1
Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project, and Petroleum Environment Capacity Enhancement Project Cameroon World Bank 1
Plato-01/Bishkek Kyrgyzstan IFC/MIGA 1
Private Sector Development and Competitiveness Project, First Request Democratic Republic of Congo World Bank 1
SN Power-01/CAO Vice President Request India IFC/MIGA 1
Second Rural Enterprise Support Project Uzbekistan World Bank 1
Standard Profil-01/Duzce Turkey IFC/MIGA 1
Tata Tea India IFC/MIGA 4
Transport Sector Development Project - Additional Financing Uganda World Bank 1
Turk Traktor Turkey European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1
VEIL II-01/ Ratanakiri Province Cambodia IFC/MIGA 1
Alex Dev Ltd Egypt IFC/MIGA 9
Alto Maipo Chile IFC/MIGA 2
Bidco Bev & Det Kenya, Uganda IFC/MIGA 9
Bridge International Academies Kenya IFC/MIGA 1
Egyptian Indian Polyester Company - Sokhna Egypt IFC/MIGA 4
Eleme Fertilizer II Nigeria IFC/MIGA 2
Myanma Awaba Group Company Ltd. Myanmar IFC/MIGA 1
Togo LCT Togo IFC/MIGA 2
Trans-Anatolian Pipeline Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey IFC/MIGA , IFC/MIGA 3
Yanacocha Peru IFC/MIGA , IFC/MIGA 40
MHP Corporate Support Loan Ukraine European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1
MHP Biogas Ukraine European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1
Southeast Europe Equity Fund II Regional European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1
GEORGIA - Jvari-Khorga Interconnection Georgia European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1
Centrale Solaire de Ouarzazate Morocco European Investment Bank 1
Projects Solaires Ouarzazate Morocco European Investment Bank 1
Reventazon Hydroelectric Power Project Costa Rica Inter-American Development Bank 5
Malawi National Registration and Identification System Malawi United Nations Development Programme , United Nations Development Programme 4
Lom Pangar Hydropower Project Cameroon World Bank 1
DRC High Priority Roads Reopening and Maintenance (2nd Additional Financing) Democratic Republic of Congo World Bank 1
Transport Sector Support Project Kenya World Bank , World Bank 4
MHP Corporate Loan Ukraine IFC/MIGA 1
Salala Rubber Corporation Liberia IFC/MIGA 1
Accelerating Infrastructure Investment Facility in India - Tranche 1 India Asian Development Bank 1
Indorama Kokand Uzbekistan IFC/MIGA , IFC/MIGA 64
Nepal-India Regional Trade And Transport Project Nepal World Bank 1
Karot Hydro Pakistan IFC/MIGA 16
Program Supporting Reforms to Increase Productivity in Peru (PE-L1223) Peru Inter-American Development Bank 1
Pan American Energy (PAE) Argentina IFC/MIGA , IFC/MIGA 4
FP018 Scaling-up of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) risk reduction in Northern Pakistan Pakistan Green Climate Fund 1
Sunrise Energy S.A.E. Egypt IFC/MIGA 20
Taqa Arabia Solar Egypt IFC/MIGA 4
SP Energy Egypt S.A.E Egypt IFC/MIGA 4
Photovoltaic Solar Power Projects in Egypt, under the Feed-in-Tariff (Fit) Program in Egypt Egypt African Development Bank 1
Titan 2027 Eurobond - 52337 , 48507 Greece European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1
MBIRR Mobile Banking Service Ethiopia European Investment Bank 1
GCF-EBRD Egypt Renewable Energy Financing Framework Egypt Green Climate Fund 1
Enhancing the Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Bolivia Bolivia Inter-American Development Bank 2
Santa Cruz Road Corridor Connector Project (San Ignacio - San Jose) Bolivia World Bank 1
Asyaport Turkey IFC/MIGA , IFC/MIGA 4