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Diversification of the Activities of "Moulins Modernes du Mali (M3)" Project in Mali




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Project Information

Investment ID: 46002-P-ML-AAG-003

Bank: African Development Bank

Environmental Category: Unknown

Country: Mali

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Approval Date: Sept. 17, 2014

Investment Types: Loans

Total Project Cost: UA 13.9 million

Total Complaints: 1


The diversification project of the Mali's Modern Mill ("M3") is in line with the priorities governing the Bank's interventions in its regional member countries. It is part of initiatives promoting the continent's natural resources, particularly agricultural resources in the context of improving food security. The diversification of the activities of the Mali's Modern Mill will be operated through the manufacture of pasta, couscous and flour made from wheat, millet and maize. Wheat will be imported while millet and corn will be purchased locally. Seven production lines will be installed in Segou, Mali, with an annual production capacity of 27,000 tons of pasta, 7200 tons of wheat couscous, millet and corn and 55,000 tons of flour. Production residues will be valued in the form of livestock feed (84000 tonnes per year). The highlights of the project are: (i) appreciable knowledge of the market by the developer and existence of potential demand with good growth prospects; (ii) commercial viability and (iii) coherence with the country's development and intervention strategies. The Bank's contribution to this project is not just financial. Effective assistance helped improve project structuring, strategic arrangements and management. In addition, the Bank will participate in the development of the capital market in the WAEMU zone by granting this loan in local currency.


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
Loans 46002-P-ML-AAG-003 UA 13.9 million Approved AfDB

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