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Gazetted Forests Participatory Management Project for REDD+ (PGFC/REDD+)




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Project Information

Investment ID: 46002-P-BF-AAD-003

Bank: African Development Bank

Environmental Category: 2

Country: Burkina Faso

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Approval Date: Nov. 28, 2013

Investment Types:

Total Project Cost: UA 8.4 million

Total Complaints: 1


The Gazetted Forests Participatory Management Project for REDD+ (PGFC/REDD+) is a continuation and consolidation of the achievement of the Bank operations completed in December in the forest sector 2010: (i) the Sustainable Forest Resources Management Project in the South-West, Centre-East and East Regions (PROGEREF) and (ii) the Burkina Faso component of the Niger River Basin Silting Control Programme (PLCE/BN). These two operations helped to develop proven expertise in the participatory management of forest resources to the satisfaction of the riparian populations. The PGFC/REDD+ is an investment project to mitigate climate change through the reduction of deforestation and forest degradation and to promote sustainable forest co-management which should lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, increased forest carbon stocks and poverty reduction (REDD+). It therefore provides the opportunity for Burkina Faso to achieve the triple win (mitigation, adaptation and poverty reduction). The project will affect directly 5 400 producers, of which 2 700 of them women, and indirectly the entire population of the 31 neighbouring municipal councils, that is 847 929 people, of which close to 52% of them women. It will be implemented over a five-year period, from 2014 to 2018 with a total cost estimated at USD 12.7 million.


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
46002-P-BF-AAD-003 UA 8.4 million Planned AfDB Government of Burkina Faso


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