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Tangguh Liquefied Natural Gas Expansion Project




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Project Information

Investment ID: 49222-001

Bank: Asian Development Bank

Environmental Category: A

Country: Indonesia

Region: East Asia and the Pacific

Approval Date: Dec. 1, 2016

Investment Types: Loans

Total Project Cost: USD 400.0 million

Total Complaints: 1


The Tangguh natural gas liquefaction facility (Tangguh) has been operating in West Papua, Indonesia's least developed region, since 2009. It currently consists of two trains (Train 1 and 2) that were financed with ADB, JBIC and international commercial bank support in 2007. Each train is designed to produce 3.8 million metric tons per annum (mtpa) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) each. The LNG is currently sold to buyers in Indonesia, the PRC, Japan, Korea, and USA. The Tangguh Expansion consists of a third 3.8 mtpa LNG train (Train 3) and associated offshore and onshore production facilities and supporting infrastructure. Train 3 is expected to commence production in 2020, and has committed 40% of production to PLN (the Indonesian national electric utility) under a long term sales and purchase agreement (SPA)


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
Loans 49222-001 USD 400.0 million Active ADB Tangguh Liquefied Natural Gas

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