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Project Information

Investment ID: P090723

Bank: World Bank

Environmental Category: B

Country: Vietnam

Region: East Asia and the Pacific

Approval Date: Sept. 22, 2009

Investment Types:

Total Project Cost: No recorded data on this

Total Complaints: 1


The development objectives of the Livestock Competitiveness and Food Safety Project (LIFSAP) for Vietnam are to increase the production efficiency of household-based livestock producers, to reduce the environmental impact of livestock production, processing and marketing, and to improve food safety in livestock product supply chains (mainly meat) in project provinces. The additional financing (AF) will continue the pursuit of the project development objectives (PDOs) through its components by supporting activities relating to: (a) scaling-up of interventions for good animal husbandry practices (GAHP) household producers, wet markets, and small slaughterhouses to enhance impact, with targets higher than the originals as geographic coverage is expanded within the 12 current project provinces. These activities will be primarily in component A; and (b) consolidating achievements of the first phase and improving the projects sustainability nationwide by: (i) building on the GAHP households achievements by introduction of a group and cooperative approach for households as the medium for development of livestock production under component A; and (ii) increasing support for institutionalization by Government of Vietnam (GoV) of its successes such as adoption of the food safety guidelines as national standards, strengthening, and accreditation of the laboratory network under component B. The AF will contribute directly to GoVs restructuring of the agriculture sector and to ongoing efforts to build consumer trust in the domestic livestock supply chain by improving quality and safety of food for domestic and international markets. This AF will support scaling-up of LIFSAPs proven activities and to introduce some new activities for institutionalization of processes and procedures to reinforce sustainability of impacts.


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The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development