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Land Administration Project


Consultation and disclosure

Description: Complaint raises concerns regarding inadequate or absent consultation about or disclosure of project information, including project impacts and/or mitigation plans.

Complaints with this Issue: 492

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Cultural heritage

Description: Complaint raises concerns about impacts on any type of tangible or intangible cultural heritage, including significant sites, unique environmental features, cultural knowledge, and traditional lifestyles.

Complaints with this Issue: 114

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Displacement (physical and/or economic)

Description: Complaint raises concerns about physical relocation, loss of shelter, and/or loss of assets that relate to income or livelihood.

Complaints with this Issue: 437

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Due diligence

Description: Complaint raises concerns about inadequate or absent prior investigation of project impacts.

Complaints with this Issue: 457

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Human rights

Description: Complaint frames concerns using the language of human rights violations.

Complaints with this Issue: 63

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Indigenous peoples

Description: Complaint raises concerns about impacts on indigenous or traditional communities.

Complaints with this Issue: 86

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Land reform

Description: Project relates to development of or changes to legal frameworks regarding land tenure.

Complaints in this Sector: 26

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Regulatory Development

Description: Project relates specifically to development or reform of legal frameworks, including laws and regulations.

Complaints in this Sector: 166

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Name: Land Administration Project

Investments: WB


Support: Loans

Country: Honduras


IAM: Inspection Panel (Panel)

ID: 38

Date Filed: Jan. 3, 2006

Date Closed: March 31, 2009

Status: Closed With Outputs

Complaint Stages


Jan. 3, 2006



Start Date: Jan. 3, 2006


Jan. 3, 2006 -

Jan. 10, 2006


Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: Jan. 3, 2006

End Date: Jan. 10, 2006


Jan. 10, 2006 -

March 14, 2006


Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: Jan. 10, 2006

End Date: March 14, 2006

Dispute Resolution

Not Undertaken

Dispute Resolution

Status: Not Undertaken

Explanation: Not offered by mechanism, Dispute resolution was not an option in this case

Compliance Review

March 14, 2006 -

Aug. 14, 2007

Compliance Review

Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: March 14, 2006

End Date: Aug. 14, 2007

Has Compliance Report: Yes

Non-Compliance Found: Yes


Aug. 14, 2007 -

March 3, 2009


Status: Closed With Output

Start Date: Aug. 14, 2007

End Date: March 3, 2009


March 31, 2009


Involved Groups

Name Complaints Group Type
Fraternal Black Organization of Honduras 1 Local CSO