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GEORGIA - Jvari-Khorga Interconnection




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Project Information

Investment ID: 45181

Bank: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Environmental Category: A

Country: Georgia

Region: Europe and Central Asia

Approval Date: None

Investment Types: Loans

Total Project Cost: No recorded data on this

Total Complaints: 1


The EBRD is considering a project to include the construction of (i) a new 500kV/220kV substation at Jvari, (ii) a double circuit 500 kV (8 km) transmission line from the Kavkasioni line to the Jvari substation and (iii) a double circuit 220 kV (60 km) transmission line between Jvari and Khorga.The implementation of this project will(i) Strengthen the reliability and stability of the Georgian transmission network;(ii) Pave the way for investments in more hydropower production in northwest Georgia; and(iii) Improve capacity and reliability of the electricity system supplying areas of significant demand growth.


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
Loans 45181 EUR 47.0 million Planned EBRD Government of Georgia

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GEORGIA - Jvari-Khorga Interconnection EBRD PCM Georgia 21/04/2017 Closed With Outputs


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