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Project Information

Investment ID: 29753


Environmental Category: B

Country: Mexico

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Approval Date: July 23, 2010

Investment Types: Equity

Total Project Cost: USD 19.0 million

Total Complaints: 8


Harmon Hall was founded in 1966. Today, Harmon Hall is the leading English language school chain in Mexico, with a network of 110 English schools in 63 cities and over 40,000 students in the whole system. Harmon Hall also owns and operates K-12 schools in the interior of the country. Harmon Hall’s headquarters are located in Mexico City. The Company has English Schools located in 63 different cities across Mexico and one in Guatemala. The Company has K-12 schools located in Cancun and Hermosillo. Nexxus Capital Private Equity Fund III, L.P. acquired 60% of HH in April 2008. Since then, the Company has implemented a series of measures to improve the operations and profitability of the Company, which have resulted in a significant growth of revenues and EBITDA generation. The transaction represents an equity investment for IFC which consists of two components: (i) the purchase of the selling shareholders’ shares and (ii) a capital increase in Harmon Hall to finance the expansion plans of the Company for the next 18 months. The Company is 60% owned by Nexxus Capital Private Equity Fund III, a private equity fund that targets investments in middle-market Mexican companies. The remaining 40% is owned by a minority shareholder. After the transaction, the minority shareholder's stake will be sold to IFC, HSBC and DEG. Total project cost is estimated at US$19 million. IFC will provide a US$7.7 million equity investment.


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
Equity 29753 USD 7.7 million Planned IFC Harmon Hall Operadora, A.C