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Sarajevo Urban Roads Development Project




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Project Information

Investment ID: 42889

Bank: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Environmental Category: A

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Region: Europe and Central Asia

Approval Date: None

Investment Types: Loans

Total Project Cost: No recorded data on this

Total Complaints: 1


The EBRD is considering providing a sovereign loan for the benefit of Sarajevo Canton to co-finance the construction of road infrastructure works on sections of the 12th Transversal Road (0.9km) and Southern Longitudinal Road (2.4 km).This is the first phase, estimated to cost ‰âÂ16.5 million, of a broader capital investment plan for the urban road infrastructure which also includes construction of the 1st Transversal Road (3.8 km).The project will be implemented through the Sarajevo Canton Roads Directorate.


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
Loans 42889 EUR 16.5 million Planned EBRD Bosnia and Herzegovina

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development IPAM Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Sarajevo Urban Roads Development Project EBRD IPAM Bosnia and Herzegovina 25/04/2018 Closed Without Outputs


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Sarajevo Canton Roads Directorate, Ministry of Transport